East_bridge Korean Spots EXHIBITION In My Shoes 

In My Shoes

Artist: Sang-joon Roh, Joon-hyung Lee
Date: Mar.05-Mar.26.2008
Venue: Gallery Factory , Seoul
Website: http://www.factory483.org/

In My Shoes is Sang-joon Roh and Joon-hyung Lee’s two -person exhibition. It is about the two artists’ ways of perceiving their own lives and of dealing with them. The exhibition title is derived from the phrase, “If you were in my shoes.” Roh, as a foreign student studying in London, made sculptures of beheaded giraffes and a cable car out of the parcel boxes from Korea. His way of working, in which he isolates himself in a small room while living in a big city, shows human loneliness and a sense of alienation through the disconnection he felt with the outside world. 
Lee, using the subjects of artist and dog, shows the limitation of his role and his dilemma as an artist.  He shows humorous and metaphoric paintings showing dogs sticking out their butts 
as well as hanging dogs.

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